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Links for collectors

Clubs and Societies

The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain
The Cartophilic Society has been running for 60 years and covers all aspects of card collecting. Membership of the Society comes with the excellent bi-monthly Cartophilic Notes & News magazine and auction list.


Other card related websites

Red Rose Tea Card site -
Bill Eugleys' website is all about Red Rose Tea Cards - those sets issued in Canada and the USA. It contains many images and items for sale. There is also some very useful information on scarcer items.
A very good site where you can buy and sell Brooke Bond items. This site also has an excellent history section which is well worth reading.

The London Cigarette Card Company Ltd.
Established is 1927 the LCCC provides everything the collector needs, including a monthly auction. The excellent Card Collectors News is available monthly by subscription. Trade and Cigarette Card Catalogues are available.
Telephone: 01458 273452 or email:

PG Tips
(Unilever UK Ltd)
For information and product enquiries.
The site also contains up to date information on PG Tips tea

Victorian Tradecards of all kind:
Liebig Trade Cards Collector : Collectomania
also Kemmerich, Cibils, Van Houten, Guérin Boutron, Cibils, Huntley and Palmer, Suchard and all kind of chocolate, coffee, extract cards and others (also menu cards, calendars and so on).

John Mills Astronomical web pages
John has scanned his Out Into Space album and you can view this with all the cards in place. A useful resource.

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