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Great Britain

Set B5 - British Wild Life - card set text list


The Shetland Pony
The Welsh Mountain Pony
Wild White or Park Cattle
The Red Deer
The Fallow Deer
The Roe Deer
The Mole
The Hedgehog
The Fox
The Badger or Brock
The Otter
The Polecat
The Pine Marten
The Stoat
The Weasel
The Common Seal
The Grey Seal
Scottish Wild Cat
The Grey Squirrel
The Red Squirrel


The Mountain or Blue Hare
The Brown Hare
The Rabbit
The Black Or Old English Rat
The Common Or Brown Rat
The Dormouse
The Bank Vole
The Field Vole or Grass Mouse
The Water Vole
The Water Shrew
The Lesser or Pigmy Shrew
The House Mouse
The Long-Tailed Field Mouse or Wood Mouse
The Yellow-Necked Mouse
The Harvest Mouse
The Noctule or Great Bat
The Long-Eared Bat
The Greater Horseshoe Bat
The Pipistrelle
The Sand Lizard
The Common Lizard
The Grass Snake
The Adder
Blindworm or Slow-Worm
The Smooth Snake
The Common Frog
The Edible Frog
The Common Toad
The Natterjack Toad
The Palmated Newt