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Great Britain

Set B38 - Incredible Creatures - introduction
Original card set
Issued in 1985, this is a set of 40 cards. The text printing on the back
of the cards is brown. The card size is 36.5 x 68mm.
Set variations
There are seven variations for this set, the differences being in the last
line at the bottom of the text side;
The first printing shows the address "Sheen Lane, London".
The second printing shows the address "Walton-on-Thames".
The third printing has the address "Walton-on-Thames" but in front of this has the wording "P.O. Box 86".
Each of the above also has a double card equivalent.
The seventh variation relates to the third printing ("P.O. Box 86") which
were also printed on thicker card which has peel off paper with an
adhesive back.
The text printing is brown on all variations.
Reprint card set
None known of.
Error cards
None known of.
Special note
A set was printed in Ireland with green text.
No album was issued for this set.
A set of four wallcharts was issued for this set;
"Under the Ground" (with space for 10 cards).
"On the Land" (with space for 10 cards).
"In the Sea" (with space for 10 cards).
"In the Air" (with space for 10 cards).