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Great Britain

Set B3 - Out Into Space - card information

21. Zodiac
(Path of Creatures)

21. Zodiac (Path of Creatures)

The Zodiac is a zone or girdle extending round the heavens, including all the heavenly bodies within eight degrees on each side of the Sun's path. It contains twelve constellations called the Signs of the Zodiac. The Northern Signs are: (1) Aries, the Ram; (2) Taurus, the Bull; (3) Gemini, the Twins; (4) Cancer, the Crab; (5) Leo, the Lion; (6) Virgo, the Virgin. The Southern Signs are: (7) Libra, the Balance; (8) Scorpio, the Scorpion; (9) Sagittarius, the Archer; (10) Capricornus, the Goat; (11) Aquarius, the Water-carrier; (12) Pisces, the Fishes.