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Great Britain

Set B26 - Adventurers and Explorers - introduction
Original card set
Issued in 1973, this is a set of 50 cards. The text printing on the back of the cards is black. The card size is 36.5 x 68.5mm.
Set variations
None known of.
Reprint card set
None known of.
Error cards
Card 29 has an error on the picture side. On the right hand mountain of the two, some cards show what appears to be lava coming down the front, whilst others do not.
Card 33 has an error on the text side. The second line up from the bottom of the description varies between "Eskimos not to waste effort by talking" and "Eskimos not waste effort by talking while".
Card 41 has an error on the picture side. In the bottom right hand corner, underneath the picture, a handwritten "41" can be seen on some cards.
An album was issued for this set, with the price of 5p. on the front.
Album variations
A reprint album may have been issued but this cannot be verified.
A wallchart was issued for this set.