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Great Britain

Set B1 - British Birds - introduction

Set title graphic
Original card set
Also known as Frances Pitts Birds, this set was issued in 1954 and is a set of 20 cards. The text printing on the back of the cards is blue. The card size is 36 x 68mm.
Set variations
There are two variations of this set, one is printed on white card and the other on cream card. This is particularly noticeable on the text side of the cards.
Reprint card set
No official reprint set issued, although the variation above may be due to reprinting.
Error cards
There have been noted instances of cards without text printed on the back but this cannot be verified.
An album was issued for this set, with the price of 3d. on the front.
Album variations
None known of.
No wallchart was issued for this set.