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Set CU15 - Animals and their Young - introduction
Original card set
Issued in 1972, this is a set of 48 cards. The text printing on the back of the cards is red and black.
Set variations

There are two variations for this set, the variation being on the text side.

In the first example the wording at the very bottom of the card is:

In the second example the wording is:
RED ROSE - BLUE RIBBON Tea/Coffee Thé/Café

The second example is much harder to obtain.

Reprint card set

No official reprint set issued, although the variation above may be due to reprinting.

An unofficial reprint of this is also available for this set, printed in the early 1990s. The fronts are identical but the wording at the very bottom is:
RED ROSE products

Error cards
None known of.
An album was issued for this set, with the price of 25¢. on the front.
Album variations

None known of.

The unofficial reprint of this set does offer a variation, with the price of this being $1.

A wallchart was issued for this set.
Other items

A medium size free album and set completion card is available for this set.