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Animals of North America

Card 17 missing number

CU2 - card missing number

Image courtesy of Paul Korol

Recently sent to by Paul Korol, this unusual Canadian card from Animals of North America (Roland 'narrow' variety) is missing the number.

Unfortunately a previous owner of this particular example has written the correct card number in pen, in the space where the printed number should appear.

Discussion with other collectors was not able to clarify whether this was a one-off error, a printing mistake which may affect several cards, or if indeed this card had been tampered with - although it's condition suggests it has not been.

However, since this image was put onto the web site another collector, Don Scanlon, has very kindly sent in an image of another card which appears to be identical to this one. The card number, series and variety all matching.

This indicates that this may be a geniune printing error which could affect this particular card from this printing and which could crop up again in the future.

If other collectors should find they have this card any images would be appreciated.

Don Scanlon's card clearly shows some specks of print in the area of the number. Did the printing plate start in this condition, or did it deteriorate during the print run of the cards?

It is possible that all cards of this type will look just like this one but they could also show the number in various stages of completeness.

When cleaned up and the number is superimposed over the remaining printing blemishes, it can clearly be seen that they represent missing parts of the number.

Images courtesy of Don Scanlon

Thanks to Paul Korol for instigating this article - December 2003