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Canadian Arctic error card - no. 9
For information on this item please visit
Canadian Arctic error card - no. 18
For information on this item please click here.
USA - Wild Flowers of North America - the variations explained.
March 2002
Cartophilic Society of Great Britain - AGM 2002.
May 2002
Canadian Cellophane wrapped cards - online survey.
June 2002
Canadian Naturalist Club certificates.
September 2002
Canada and USA Tropical Birds card 43 - why does the card background look dirty?
April 2003
Animals of North America - Card 17 missing number.
December 2003
Canadian Medium size set completion cards - How many exist?
February 2004 to March 2005 - Update July 2018
History of Aviation - Reprint set information.
March 2004
Cartophilic Society of Great Britain - AGM 2004.
July 2004
Animals and their Young - Red Rose reprint with square corners.
October 2004
Canadian Butterflies of North America - New Discovery
June 2005
An article about the third Brooke Bond British series -
Out Into Space
September 2005
Asian Wild Life - Wallchart information.
April 2006
African Wild Life - Wallchart information.
April 2006
Canadian Tropical Birds top line red variation - New information.
October 2006
Brooke Bond Rhodesia - previously unknown version of the Wildlife in Danger album Click here.
May 2007
Canadian Tropical Birds (top line black) thick card variation.
December 2007
Brooke Bond GB Original artwork - Click here for pictures.
December 2007
Newly discovered African wallcharts - Click here for information.
February 2011
Interview with Inventors & Inventions artist, Barry Rowe - Click here for information.
April 2016
Update to Out Into Space article - Click here for information.
January 2017
African Birds, evidence suggests they were also issue in East Africa - Article in production
February 2017

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Canada - Animals of North America
What are the differences in the printings?
Please see the explanation on the card set introduction.