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Credits and thanks

Without the help of fellow collectors and various sellers on internet auctions, would not be able to show some of the scarce items it does. The following is to thank those who have supplied images of scarce and any other items, and are happy to be acknowledged.

Bill Eugley
Canada - Transportation through the Ages wallchart
Canada - The Space Age wallchart
Canada - Exploring the Oceans wallchart
Bill is the webmaster of the excellent website. His site includes comprehensive information on all aspects of items issued in Canada and the USA. Detailed information not found elsewhere makes this site a must. Bill has kindly sent images of these rarely seen wallcharts.

Frank Setchfield
GB - Butterflies of the World wallchart
Frank was a collector of cards as a youngster and his mother was a teacher which is how he came to own this scarce wallchart.

Alan Wrathall
GB Wild Flowers series 3 wallchart
GB Free Decorative Opal Glass Jar advertisement card
plus many other images on this site.
Alan was the webmaster of the website and ran a regular high quality postal Brooke Bond and Cereal Ephemera (including other trade) auction. Alan has kindly provided images for many items over a period of time.