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Card Information

I am not a card dealer but am happy to offer help with card values or point out where that information might be available.

The vast majority of Brooke Bond cards can easily be obtained without too much difficulty or expenditure.

If you simply want a reference to value your card collection the best advice is to buy a catalogue. These are available from the London Cigarette Card Co. Ltd. (Trade Card Catalogue).

If you wish to buy and sell cards you can use the London Cigarette Card Co. Ltd, or contact other dealers (some are listed here). You might also try out one of the many postal auctions - or even attend one personally.

A very active area for buying or selling is on the internet, in particular on eBay which has a large variety of items for sale at any one time.
Simply type into the search field the name 'Brooke Bond' or the name of the set you are interested in, and you should very quickly get an idea of potential value. Both common and scarce sets can usually be found.

For information on Canadian or American Brooke Bond cards, the excellent website is recommended.